Improv Poet Amy

About Me

Me at redrocks writing poetry

Who is Improv Poet Amy?

I started writing poetry and stories when I was bored in school. Other kids would get caught for drawing instead of taking notes, but I never got caught because no teacher ever looked to see what I was writing.  I also loved acting, it was a way to pretend and go on adventures.

Later I learned Improv, which is tons of fun. As I traveled, I guest performed with other improv troops, including Quick Wits in Salt Lake City and even BATS in San Francisco. Then inspired by a typewriter poet on the outdoor mall and by poetry slams, I decided to try spoken word poetry that I would make up on the spot.

So successful Santa Claus named me
The North Pole Poet Laureate 🎅

Then I learned to do sleight of hand magic.  I enjoy the theatrical feeling of doing unique and original magic shows and closing the shows with an impromptu spoken word poem.

I love bringing joy, laughter and smiles to any event with impromptu poetry that is created on the spot and/or magic sleight of hand.  It’s uplifting and a great way to get people joining in.

So give me a call at 720-323-7610 and I would love to bring some poetic cheer and sleight of hand to whomever you would like to celebrate!

Have everyone smiling, laughing & playing along 🙂

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