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Live Birthday Poems

Unique Birthday Gift

Poems created on the spot for birthdays

Celebrating with live birthday poem

Birthday Poetry-grams

Do you have a birthday is coming up and want someone to feel special and celebrated?

Then bring out Improv Poet Amy., that's me and I will create a poem on the spot that is all about the birthday person.
Just like Drew Carey's "Whose Line is it Anyway" but done with rhyme.

After I arrive, I will have guests, family or even roommates, telling stories about the birthday person, in front of the birthday person. Then immediately after that, I will perform a rhyming poem that is all about them.

Birthday Poetry-grams can be done for as few as one person or as many guests as you like.
Get them a unique present that will be remembered for years to come!

Have everyone smiling, laughing & playing along 🙂

Virtual Birthday

  • Make someone feel really special
  • Personalized improv poem
  • Fun and interactive
  • Recorded  “Poetry-gram” video  for you to keep
  • Bringing people together virtually around the world
  • Great for in-person and virtual events



In-Person Birthday

  • Make someone feel really special
  • Unique gift that will surprise them 
  • Personalized improv poem
  • Fun and interactive
  • Video worthy moments
  • Delivered in-person

Starting at $449 for Denver Area

Available nationally starting at $995 plus travel

(Technical phone support is included with all virtual packages.)

For more information call or email:

Five Star Experiences

five star reviews for Spoken Word Improv Poet Amy

Companies Performed for:

US Air Force Academy
Holiday Inn
Only Natural Pet
City od Aspen, CO
Whistler Arts Council Village Animation


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