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9 Creative Ideas For Mother's Day

Unique Ideas to Celebrate Mom

Make Mom Happy!

Do something that makes you, mom and everyone smile.

Happiness is the best possible Mother’s Day gift.  

9 Creative Ideas for Mother’s Day:

1) A picnic with your mom’s favorite foods

2) If mom is more adventurous, do a ropes course together or simply go on a hike

3) Make a collage with picture and write things you appreciate about you mom

4) Take a class with your mom, it could be a cooking class or something she has never done before

5) At home movie night with mom’s favorite movie and popcorn with mom’s favorite seasonings or spices

6) Make pizza together

7) Have a campfire meal and tell stories about growing up with mom around the campfire

8) Have a scavenger hunt where in each clue there is also something you appreciate about mom

9) Get a personalized poem, created and performed on the spot for your mom or all the moms in your family to make them feel extra special .

Mom will feel super special with a poetry-gram!

Have everyone smiling, laughing & playing along 🙂

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