Your New Year's Resolution Poem

Poems About your Dreams for 2023

“Your poem inspired me to live my dreams!”

I have heard that so many times.

For New Years 2023 give yourself (or a friend) the gift of a virtual New Year’s Poem.

Tell me, what you would like to see in 2023,
And I will perform a fun poem that will help you to take action and live your dreams. 

It’s all live (if you like friends and family can join in and say why they believe you will succeed next year too).  Then you will receive a video you can play of your poetic experience over and over again to inspire you.

Live your dreams in 2023!

Call or email for availability:

Poetic experience can include either:

As many people as you like cheering that person on

Or a private one on one poetic experience!

What are your dreams for 2023?