Poetic "Singing" Telegrams

5 Videos of Singing Telegrams
From TV Shows & Pranks

What do Sesame Street, James Corden & Bob Newhart have in common?

Scenes with singing telegrams...

James Corden Delivers Singing Telegrams with Neil Patrick Harris

This video is so much fun to watch. The Late Late Show with James Corden joins Neil Patrick to deliver singing telegrams. They start warming up with classical and yet funny acting exercises. Then they surprise a bunch of unsuspecting people. You will see the looks of shock and laughter from Sincha for her 19th wedding anniversary, Monique for her birthday and for Carly celebrating the adoption of her first cat.

What makes this video awesome is that Patrick and James are so in the moment it feels like improv.


Bob Newhart Get a Surprise Singing Telegram

Watch Bob Newhart as he is surprised by a telegram and how Dr. Jerry Robinson and Carol his receptionist react.


Sesame Street's Grover Delivers a Singing Telegram

I adore Grover, he is so lovable and this singing telegram scene is super fun…


Stuart Edge Does Singing Telegram Pranks

Stuart Edge, a former porta-potti cleaner, had a video go viral in December 2012, since then he has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and other shows. Here he and acapella chorus startle many unsuspecting women with their singing telegrams.


James Corden Delivers Singing Balloon Telegrams
With Eddie Redmayne

The Late Late Show with James Corden joins Eddie Redmayne to this time deliver singing balloon telegrams.  James once again had ne laughing and smiling a ton so I had to add this to my video page.  They deliver a telegram to George who is celebrating his 55th anniversary working at the famous Canter’s Deli, to Ariann whose boss is asking her to stay after she gave her two week notice and to Madonna Mark who is being promoted to head bartender but without a raise in pay.  Watch and laugh… 

All of the videos that I have on this page are lighthearted and fun.  A few other famous singing telegram scenes are from the movie “Clue” with the Singing Telegram Girl, the movie “Beaches” where Bette Midler delivers a singing telegram and even the movie “China Syndrome” at the beginning has a slightly light hearted singing telegram scene before things get very serious.

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