Improv Poet Amy

Improv Team Building Workshop

Have your group playing.

Bring your team closer together and have fun!

People Celebrating Fun Improv Workshop

Improv Workshop: Everybody Plays!

Have everyone smiling, laughing
And playing games that will bring your team together.

A fun way to do team building

Energize your day!

Improvisation is spontaneous and creative theatrical games that anyone can play and brings people closer together. Also games can be tailored for solving specific business challenges or celebrating any occasion. So join me for some work friendly improv.

Everyone gets to play!”

Have everyone smiling, laughing & playing along 🙂

Team Building

  • Personalized improv workshop for your company
  • Take your team building activities to the next level
  • Create corporate bonding experience
  • Fun and interactive
  • Ideas for creative problem solving
  • Energize your employees
  • Bringing people together

Improv Team Building Workshop

Also available for remote teams

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Five Star Experiences

five star reviews for Spoken Word Improv Poet Amy

Companies Performed for:

US Air Force Academy
Holiday Inn
Only Natural Pet
City od Aspen, CO
Whistler Arts Council Village Animation


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